Production Line Calibration For Sophisticated Sensor Arrays

Tangram Vision's team of calibration experts can assist with rapid creation of high throughput, high-accuracy calibration stations for production lines. Services include design and placement of fixtures and fiducial fields, and development and deployment of software, documentation, and maintenance procedures.

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Extending Your Perception & Production Teams

The Tangram Vision calibration team can take a partial or full role in creating your factory calibration procedure. Each engagement includes documentation for engineering teams and production line operators.

Immediately Verifiable Metrics For Maximum Throughput

Our factory calibration stations use TVCal’s robust accuracy and precision reporting to provide immediate quality feedback to station operators on intrinsic and extrinsic calibration data.
Supported sensing modalities include cameras, depth sensors, LiDAR, radar, and IMUs.

Sensor Calibration Resources From Tangram Vision

Documentation & How-To's

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