Deploy Scalable Perception Faster.

Tangram Vision helps your team accelerate complex perception tasks like sensor fusion, calibration, and diagnostics, so you can develop and deploy autonomy with confidence. All built on a scalable data backend that lets you track, optimize, and analyze every sensor in your fleet.

Tangram vision Benefit #43

Sensor Streaming & Stability Management

Integrate new sensors in hours instead of weeks. Stream instantly when initialized, and maintain system stability when sensors fail.

rapid Sensor Integration

Instant Sensor Streaming

automatic Sensor Recovery attempts

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Perception Sensor Data Management & Analysis
Perception Sensor Fusion & Calibration
Tangram vision Benefit #6

Multi-Sensor Calibration

Calibrate any combination of sensors using a single dataset. Get real-time feedback on calibration errors, and track calibration history for sensor and system root cause analysis.

any modality: camera, depth, LIDAR (Now); IMU, radar (Soon)

One dataset calibrates all sensors

Calibration history for quality assurance

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Free Calibration Desk Reference

Our team of perception and calibration experts have put together 80+ pages of tutorials, references, and resources to assist teams building complex perception systems. No form to fill out, download immediately.

Tangram vision Benefit #85

Spatial & Temporal Sensor Fusion

Synchronize perception data streams across time and space using our sensor fusion module.

Clock synchronization across sensors and host

Spatial Registration to sensors, hosts, waypoints, and chassis

Resilient streaming under changing sensor conditions

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Perception Sensor Testing & Deployment
Perception Sensor Monitoring & Operation
Tangram vision Benefit #102

Manage Sensors As A Fleet

Organize your sensors as a fleet for simpler asset management and root cause analysis of sensors and systems.

track sensors by system, customer, location

sensor data history for root cause analysis

Access data by web portal or by API

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