Depth Sensor Visualizer

An interactive tool to quickly compare 3D sensors.

Interactive Depth sensor visualizer

Select one or two 3D sensors to instantly analyze and compare minimum range, maximum range, horizontal field of view, vertical field of view, and diagonal field of view. Click and drag for different viewpoints.

Depth sensing is useful for drones and robots for a number of key functions: near field obstacle avoidance, object detection, and object identification. The 3D data streams from depth sensors is often a key input into navigational systems like SLAM and VIO.

Sensors include:
- Intel® RealSense™ D family
- Occipital Structure Core
- Mynt Eye family
- Orbbec Astra family
- Stereolabs Zed family
- pmd Pico family
- Microsoft® Azure Kinect family.

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The Four Stages Of Perception Sensor Deployment

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