Meet Our Perception Experts

Collectively, we share over sixty years of experience in computer vision, perception sensors, and robotics. We have built products that use sensors — and we've designed and produced sensors as well.

Brandon Minor

Brandon Minor, CEO & Co-founder

Brandon is a repeat founder whose first company, Replica Labs, implemented monocular SLAM on a cameraphone. Replica Labs was acquired by Occipital in 2016, where he took on the role of calibration and robotics lead. This took him to Shenzhen, where he implemented the production line assembly and calibration of Structure Core, an Occipital depth sensor. His experience in both the hardware and software side of perception provided much of the inspiration for Tangram Vision.

Adam Rodnitzky

Adam Rodnitzky, COO & Co-founder

Adam is a serial entrepreneur in perception and sensors. He was co-founder of ReTel Technologies, a pioneer in applying human-in-the-loop techniques to video analytics. Following ReTel’s acquisition by ShopperTrak, he joined Occipital as general manager where he led the launch and growth of the Structure Sensor and SDK, the most popular 3D sensing platform for iOS. When he’s not working on Tangram Vision, Adam restores and races classic British cars.

Jeremy Steward
Jeremy Steward
Senior Perception Architect
Paul Schroeder
Paul Schroeder
Senior Algorithm Engineer
Devon Morris
Devon Morris
Senior Perception Algorithm Engineer
Greg Schafer
Greg Schafer
Senior Web Architect
mini cooper with sensors
Mapping Mini
R&D Specialist

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