Accelerate Your Perception Deployment

Every Tangram Vision Platform Plan Includes:

Calibration tools to optimize multiple sensors simultaneously

Fleet Management tools to organize and analyze sensors and sensor data

Data Management tools to track and access historical sensor data

Remote Management tools to ensure sensor uptime (coming soon)

Choose Your Plan:

developer basic

First Five Systems

Up to 5 Systems

Basic Calibration

Calibrate up to two camera components or one stereo sensor per system with TVCal Basic

Basic Data Management

30 day perception data retention via the Tangram Vision Hub

Individual Access

Support for solo developers

Limited Support

Access to support with Tangram Vision engineers

Response SLA: Best effort

developer advanced
Contact Us

Up to 50 Systems

Advanced Calibration & Sensor Fusion

Calibrate unlimited supported components and modalities with TVCal, and fuse complex arrays with TVFuse

Advanced Data Management

One year perception data retention via the Tangram Vision Hub, plus API access

Sensor Stability Tools

Plug-and-play streaming and sensor stability management with TVMux

Team Access

Support for teams and organizations

Premium Support

Access to expedited support with Tangram Vision engineers

Response SLA: 24 hours during business days

Enterprise-Level Support

For sophisticated vision-enabled platforms

Flexible Deployment

Run in the cloud, locally, or on edge

Custom Development

Access our team of perception experts

Consider Tangram Vision an extension of your perception team:

Dedicated account manager

Premium support

Onboarding and training

Advance release access

Don’t see a plan that works for you?

Contact us to discuss custom solutions for unique perception platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I try Tangram Vision for free?

Yes! You can add up to five systems for free with a Developer Basic account. Upon approval, you'll get access to basic Tangram Vision Platform features, and pay nothing until you add additional systems or upgrade to a Developer Advanced account.

What defines a "system" on the Tangram Vision Platform?

A system is a perception-enabled device like a robot or an autonomous vehicle, for instance. A system can be equipped with one sensor or one hundred sensors. Each system added to the Tangram Vision Platform gets its own dedicated page in the Hub where you can see all its sensors, as well as its current and historical sensor data (depending on plan).

What defines a "sensor" on the Tangram Vision Platform?

Sensors on the Tangram Vision Platform can include modalities like cameras, depth sensors, LiDARs, radars, IMUs and more. The Tangram Vision Platform interprets sensors as components.

Some sensors (like a LiDAR unit) are interpreted as a single component on the Platform. Other sensors may be interpreted as multiple components.

An Intel® RealSense™ D435, for instance, would be interpreted as four components: two Infrared cameras, a color camera, and a synthesized depth camera. For more insight into components, please read the Platform documentation.

Tangram Vision Platform Modules

What is TVCal?

TVCal is Tangram Vision's flagship perception sensor calibration module. TVCal can calibrate from one to N sensors using just a single dataset capture. TVCal currently works with cameras, HDR cameras, and depth sensors. Other modalities like LiDAR, radar, IMU, and more will be added soon. To learn more, visit the TVCal product page.

What is TVMux?

TVMux is Tangram Vision's sensor stability and multiplexer module. TVMux ensures that sensors can stream instantly on plug-in, maintain streaming stability during operation, and maintain system stability if a sensor stops streaming. TVMux is currently compatible with Intel® RealSense™ D415, D435, D435i, and D455 3D sensors. To learn more, visit the TVMux product page.

What is TVFuse?

TVFuse is Tangram Vision's sensor fusion module. TVFuse synchronizes clocks from sensor-to-sensor-to-host, and spatially registers with a sensor-to-sensor-to-chassis model.  TVFuse is currently compatible with Intel® RealSense™ D415, D435, D435i, and D455 3D sensors. To learn more, visit the TVFuse product page.