MetriCal Multimodal Sensor Calibration Tool

Automated production line and deployment calibration for cameras, 3D sensors, LiDAR, and IMU...made fast, easy, and repeatable.

Multimodal bundle adjustment for exceptional Sensor calibrations

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MetriCal is affordable, enterprise-grade multimodal calibration for robots and autonomous vehicles. Feedback loops and information-rich reports guide you towards developing fast, repeatable processes. For cameras, depth sensors, LiDAR, and IMU. Radar coming soon.

Data-rich reports and metrics

Runs in compute-constrained environments

>10x faster than open-source software

Insight Into Sensor Calibration Processes and Outcomes

Run On Facts, Not Intuition

Most sensor calibration tools can’t tell useful and useless sensor data apart. MetriCal's data quality checks tell you immediately if something is incorrect, saving hours of guesswork and confusion.

synchronize, filter, and process data before calibration

Get real guidance on sensor system improvements

save engineers days of guesswork and confusion

Calibration Made For Professionals

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Time to Build
2+ Years
4+ Years
15 minutes
Modalities Supported
Cameras, 3D Sensors
Cameras, ?
Cameras, 3D Sensors, LiDAR, IMU, Radar
Multi Modality Process
Separate, Sequential Datasets
Separate, Sequential Datasets
One Dataset For All Sensors
Quality Checks
Data Management
Local Server
Local Server
Cloud, Local Server, On Device

Calibration is about more than just sensors.

Proper sensor calibration can be used for root cause analysis to troubleshoot system-level errors and reveal what's wrong.

  • Validate Chassis Tolerances
    Sensor calibration values can reveal when precision machined tolerances are no longer, well, precise.

  • Double Check Sensor Suppliers
    When intrinsics start to drift from expected values, it's time to talk to your camera and lens suppliers about quality control.

  • Set Ground Truth Values to Track In-Field Failures
    A tightly controlled production line calibration process with detailed metrics provides a foundation from which you can track sensor array performance and degradation in the field over time.

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MetriCal delivers clean and concise metrics for every sensor in one run, allowing quick and confident pass/fail decisions for your system deployments.