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The Tangram Vision SDK is resilient, sensor-agnostic perception tooling. Focus your vision teams on core product features. Meet the speed and reliability requirements of real-world deployments. Free to try.

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The Four Stages Of Perception Sensor Deployment

Sensors That Just Work.

From Development Through Deployment.

The Tangram Vision SDK streamlines key perception tasks over the entire product lifecycle. Spatial data management. Sensor fusion and calibration. Plug-and-play sensor integrations. And deployment health checks for early warnings of impending failures.

Tangram vision Benefit #43

Spatial Data Management

Sensors produce data, and lots of it; the Tangram Vision SDK makes managing all of it simpler.

Sensor-Agnostic Data Structure

Efficient Data Pipeline

Cloud Access, Indexing, & Storage

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Perception Sensor Data Management & Analysis
Perception Sensor Fusion & Calibration
Tangram vision Benefit #6

Sensor Fusion & Calibration

Keep your entire sensor suite constantly and consistently calibrated. The Tangram Vision SDK can manage from one to n sensors with multiple modalities.

Clock Synchronization

One to N Sensor Parallel Calibration

Clean, Fused Data Streams

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Tangram vision Benefit #85

Plug & Play Sensor Runtime

Forget the pain of past sensor integrations. Tangram makes it simple to experiment with different sensors without worry, and eases the transition from development to deployment.

Intuitive Testing Environment

Plug & Play Sensor Integration APIs

Streamlined Output Analysis

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Perception Sensor Testing & Deployment
Perception Sensor Monitoring & Operation
Tangram vision Benefit #102

Sensor Health Management

Maximize uptime and customer satisfaction. Minimize service calls and in-the-field sensor maintenance needs.

Remote Sensor Diagnostics

Graceful Sensor Failures

faster In-Field Sensor Calibration

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