Data Management

Manage all of your sensors and sensor data under one roof.

Provision, maintain, and analyze fleets of sensors as your autonomous deployments grow.

A fleet of 500 robots may have over 2,000 sensors, yet most companies don't think of them as a "fleet within a fleet" until sensor management becomes an unexpected burden and a drag on growth. Our tools let you:

Provision new sensors & track deployments

Analyze performance individually or as groups

Minimize unexpected errors & improve customer experience

Integrate, Calibrate & Monitor Perception Sensors

One source of truth for all your sensors and data.

What do you know about your sensors and where do you keep that knowledge? For most companies, the answer is "not much" and "in a spreadsheet." We organize all your perception assets in one place and provide deep insight into their history and performance.

get instant insight into every system & sensor in your fleet

Download datasets for root cause analysis

Improve organization & increase team efficiency

Manage your perception data from anywhere, anytime.

Control every sensor and access perception data remotely through our web portal or by API.

Calibration, Complete.

Deploy scalable, simple, accurate calibration across your fleet.