Custom Perception Development

Focus your time and resources on what makes your product unique and leave the tedious perception infrastructure work to us.

Leverage decades of perception expertise.

With over half a century of collective experience building sensors and sensor-powered products, our team is fully equipped to handle your most challenging perception problems.

Eliminate technical debt & get your product to market faster.

Get rid of your most stubborn technical debt by providing perception pipelines crafted by experts, custom-fit to your system.

Integrate, Calibrate & Monitor Perception Sensors

Our Perception Services

Perception pipeline Review & Migration

Have a fresh set of eyes assess your current sensor array and perception pipeline. We can evaluate sensor and perception software vendors, assist with system integration, or build your perception pipeline from-scratch.

Production Line Calibration

We build high throughput, high-accuracy calibration stations for production lines. Services include design and placement of fixtures and fiducial fields, the development and deployment of software, documentation, and maintenance procedures.

build your own depth

We'll help you create and maintain a depth stack that's tailored to the needs of your platform. Our team can provide guidance on everything from optics and compute selection, to industrial design considerations, and software requirements.

Training Workshops

We can facilitate virtual or in-person workshops on best practices for sensor integration, sensor calibration, and perception pipeline design.

On Premise, On Device & Private Cloud Deployments

Our team can assist in deploying our platform to the environment that best suits your device and customer requirements.

New Sensor Support

Need another modality? We can stream, integrate, or calibrate a sensor or sensor type that is not yet supported by our platform.

Need custom development?

If it has to do with sensors or perception, chances are we can help!

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