Intel® RealSense Configuration.

The Tangram Vision SDK lets you configure any Intel RealSense D400 or L500 depth sensor in minutes

You probably came here looking for tips on how to configure your Intel RealSense 3D sensor, right? We'll cut to the chase: there is no shortcut if you want to do it yourself.

The Tangram Vision SDK, however, will get your Intel RealSense D400 and L500 sensors up and streaming reliably in minutes. It works with your other perception sensors, too, and it's free to use for your first five instances.

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The Tangram Vision SDK is free for the first five instances. Get your first optimized stream in minutes

Intel RealSense Configuration is Only the Start

Successfully setting up a sensing pipeline for your vision-enabled product requires robust data structures, consistent calibration and ongoing performance checks for proper operation. The Tangram Vision SDK manages all of this, letting you focus on what makes your product unique.

streaming with tvmux

Instant sensor stream starts and restarts, plus managed system stability when sensors crash.

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fusion with tvfuse

Spatial registration and temporal synchronization between all sensors and host — automatically, continually.

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calibration with tvcal

Rapidly calibrate from one to n sensors simultaneously, from development through deployment.

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integration with tvapi

Streamlined configuration interfaces for integrating sensors in minutes, not weeks or months.

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fleet tools with the hub

One source of truth for sensor states and history. Accessible via the web-based Hub or by API.

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future platform modules

There's much more planned for the Tangram Vision Platform. Apply to become an Alpha tester to get early access.

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Tangram SDK supports Rust and C++

Comprehensively Documented. Continually Updated.

Written by developers, for developers. The Tangram Vision SDK is documented how we wish all other SDKs would be.

Compatible with All RealSense D400 & L500 Sensors.

Built to handle the D415, D435, D435i, D455 active stereo sensors, and the L515 LiDAR sensor. Other RealSense sensors can be supported by request.

The Four Stages Of Perception Sensor Deployment

DevOps for Perception

Tangram Vision SDK is free for the first five instances and unlimited users