Tools To Scale Your Perception Fleet Smoothly

Provision, maintain, and analyze fleets of sensors as your autonomous deployments grow.

A fleet of 500 robots might have 2000 or more sensors. Yet most autonomy companies don't think of their sensors as a "fleet within a fleet" until sensor management becomes an unexpected burden and a drag on growth.

The Tangram Vision Platform (TVP) marries user-friendly perception tools with fleet management tools to give you deep insight and control into your sensor fleet. Provision new sensors, track deployments, and analyze sensor performance individually or as groups to minimize unexpected errors and optimize customer experience.

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See how the Tangram Vision Platform can radically accelerate your perception roadmap.

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All your sensors, one source of truth.

What do you know about your sensors, and where do you keep that knowledge? For most companies, the answer is "not much" and "in a spreadsheet." TVP organizes all your perception assets in one place, and provides deep insight into their history and performance. Available via the Tangram Vision Hub (at left) or by API.

Hobbyist libraries can only take your platform so far.

As an industry, we've benefited from community-driven projects that have shortened development cycles and unlocked new capabilities. But when it's time for your fleet to scale, you need robust tools built to support much more complex perception arrays, often with thousands of simultaneous instances. That's what we've built at Tangram Vision.

Simple processes for non-expert end users.

Delivering a scaled autonomous system to a customer is nerve-wracking...particularly when that customer's end-users are expected to perform in-field maintenance like multi-sensor calibrations. TVP tools are designed to guide any user to success, maximizing the chances for smooth scaling and customer success.

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