Free Your Perception Team From Building Infrastructure

Focus scarce engineering time on the critical path features that make your platform unique

Tasking your perception team with infrastructure work doesn’t just delay core product features. It could burn out your best engineers before they even start on the unique features that matter most.

The Tangram Vision Platform (TVP) provides a best-in-class perception foundation that eliminates those infrastructure tasks and lets your perception team skip straight to your most important product roadmap elements.

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See how the Tangram Vision Platform can radically accelerate your perception roadmap.

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Better Sensor Data For Faster Product Progress

Better perception infrastructure delivers better data for developing the best product features. TVP’s tools include deep insight into data accuracy and precision to ensure that you only use verifiably correct sensor data during development and deployment.

Performance history tracking gives your development teams sensor- and system-level data to help diagnose bugs for faster resolution and a better customer experience.

Insulate Your Engineers From Your Customers

When you deploy sensors with DIY infrastructure, it’s up to you to deal with customers when things go wrong. Deploying TVP means fewer in-field issues...and we'll be there to assist when customers need extra help with sensor maintenance tasks.

We Built It Again So You Don't Need To

Duplication of effort has been a hallmark of autonomy for years, and building a perception stack is no different. We built our best-in-class perception infrastructure platform to free your team from having to do it again, too.

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