Happy Sensors Make Happy Customers

Make Reliable Perception Your Greatest Asset

The sensors that are supposed to enable autonomy can become one of the biggest hurdles towards confidently deploying robots and AVs at scale. The Tangram Vision Platform (TVP) manages sensors to maximize stability, turning your sensors from a liability into an asset.

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See how the Tangram Vision Platform can radically accelerate your perception roadmap.

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Simplify In-Field Sensor Maintenance

Perception sensors are complex, and require periodic maintenance and replacement. Can you trust your customers’ end-users to properly maintain and replace the sensors on your platforms? TVP makes in-field sensor maintenance as simple as possible, including the ability to hot swap new sensors.

Offer — And Meet — Competitive SLAs

Part of autonomy’s promise is the ability to operate reliably 24/7. However, finicky sensors can make achieving three nines of availability near impossible. TVP’s tools help stabilize sensors and reveal potential problems before they impact your uptime SLA.

The Four Stages Of Perception Sensor Deployment

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The Four Stages Of Perception Sensor Deployment

Perception Roadmap Acceleration

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