We've Experienced The Pain.

We'll be honest. The idea behind Tangram Vision came from our frustration of needing to build the same perception stack yet again at every robotics company we worked at. So we decided to build the perception stack we always wished we had... to save everyone else from having to build it yet again on their own. We hope you find it useful!

Built To Meet Real World Expectations

Performant, Reliable Sensor Deployments.

The Four Stages Of Perception Sensor Deployment

The Tangram Vision Platform includes APIs and tooling to optimize perception sensors like LiDAR, depth, CMOS and IMU over your entire product lifecycle. Integrate, calibrate, and fuse one or one hundred sensors — simply.

About Tangram Vision

We love perception sensors and all the fascinating and functional things that they make possible!

The Tangram Vision team shares over four decades of collective experience in computer vision, perception sensors, and robotics. We have built products that use sensors — and we have also designed and produced sensors, as well. We are dedicated to solving the many challenges of managing and optimizing perception sensors, because we've been there, too.

Focus your time and resources on what makes your vision-enabled product unique, and leave the tedious perception infrastructure work to the Tangram Vision Platform.

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