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Multimodal Calibration • Depth Sensors • Sensor Fusion

Tangram vision sensor calibration tools for Robotics and Autonomous vehicles

Multimodal Sensor Calibration Tools

Accelerate your fleet with our calibration suite, the industry's only integrated online/offline solution for cameras, 3D sensors, LiDAR, IMU, and radar.

MetriCal: High-speed bundle adjustment for precise, accurate calibrations for sensor tuning and diagnostics
AutoCal: On-device, realtime calibration health checks and adjustments

HIFI: high-RES depth + Powerful AI

A New Generation Of AI-Enabled 3D Sensor

Pre-Order For $449 — Save $100
Be among the first to experience what's possible when high-resolution depth data meets high-powered AI capabilities. HiFi also simplifies development with self-calibration, dual connectivity, and time sync.

Download the HiFi datasheet.

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