Solutions For Supply Chain Robots

A powerful toolkit that immediately solves complex perception tasks from development through deployment. Multi-sensor calibration, fusion, diagnostics, fleet management, and more.

Deploy And Manage Fleets of Sensors At Scale

The Tangram Vision Platform minimizes sensor errors that can be a hurdle to scaling. It simplifies in-field maintenance to support customer success. And, it marries perception with DataOps to create sensor fleet management, with live and historic data for simplified root cause analysis.

Tangram Vision SDK Supports All Perception Sensors for Robotic Arms
Tangram Vision SDK Supports All Perception Sensors for Robotic Arms

Redeploy Perception Teams For Greater Impact

Instead of months building perception infrastructure on outdated libraries, focus resources on the highest value product features and get to market faster. TVP's Hub gives your team quicker access to historic perception data to further accelerate development cycles.

Expand Beyond Pilots with Better Customer Outcomes

Enhanced pilot performance gives prospective customers the confidence to fully deploy. TVP’s perception stability and diagnostic modules keep you aware of performance trends and maximize sensor uptime so you can hit SLAs and close customers.

Integrate, Calibrate & Monitor Perception Sensors

Accelerating Perception

The Tangram Vision Platform lets perception teams develop and deploy faster.