Supply Chain Robots

The competition is intense. Time-to-market matters, but so does accuracy, reliability and cost. Tangram Vision helps mitigate the impact of sensor challenges and sensor failures, making your supply chain robotics solution stand out.

Solving Sensors’ Biggest Challenges

The Tangram Vision SDK introduces plug-and-play integration for the most popular perception sensor modalities (depth, LiDAR, CMOS, IMU and more). It includes powerful tools like remote sensor diagnostics, and auto-calibration. And it is designed to handle single- or multi-sensor suites, where sensor complexities can cause product launch delays and in-field issues.

Tangram Vision SDK Supports All Perception Sensors for Robotic Arms
Tangram Vision SDK Supports All Perception Sensors for Robotic Arms

Optimize Your ML Vision Pipeline

For ML-driven pick-and-place applications, the old saying that "garbage in means garbage out" has never been more true. Don't rely on customers to keep vision assets calibrated and optimized; use Tangram Vision to ensure your system captures and uses clean, consistent data.

Minimize Launch Timelines, Maximize Uptime

The Tangram Vision SDK eliminates time-consuming sensor integration tasks, freeing up your engineering team to work on other critical path items for quicker time to market. A suite of deployment tools like auto-calibration and remote diagnostics keep sensors working longer, and mitigates costly truck rolls to address in-field errors.

Integrate, Calibrate & Monitor Perception Sensors

DevOps For Perception

The Tangram Vision SDK is free for the first five instances and unlimited users.