Tangram Vision for Engineers

Immediately deploy perception building blocks like multimodal calibration, sensor fusion, diagnostics, and sensor fleet management. Spend less time building sensor infrastructure and focus time on building perception features that make your product unique.

The Four Stages Of Perception Sensor Deployment

Ready-To-Scale Perception Infrastructure

The Tangram Vision Platform marries best-in-class perception tools with DataOps to optimize, organize, and manage perception assets. Sensors and datasets are arranged in searchable taxonomies with historic performance data to aid in root cause analysis and continuous improvement. All data is available in the Tangram Vision CLI or via API.

Tangram Vision SDK Supports All Perception Sensors

No Latency Impact

A zero-copy approach ensures the Tangram Vision Platform won't interfere with latency-sensitive tasks or components.

Comprehensively Documented

Our clear, complete documentation guides both engineers and end users towards successful implementation of the Tangram Vision Platform.

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Our Open Source Initiatives

We're not just creating the best platform for optimizing perception on sensor-enabled devices; we're also building open source tools that the entire robotics and computer vision community can use, whether or not they also choose to use the Tangram Vision Platform.

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Accelerating Perception

The Tangram Vision Platform lets perception teams develop and deploy faster.