Tangram Vision for Engineers

Engineers use Tangram Vision to spend less time on sensor infrastructure and more time on the features that make their products unique. The Tangram Vision SDK works from development through deployment to ensure that all sensors continuously deliver clean, well-structured data.

The Four Stages Of Perception Sensor Deployment

Solving Sensors’ Biggest Challenges

The Tangram Vision SDK introduces plug-and-play integration for the most popular sensor modalities (depth, LiDAR, CMOS, IMU and more). It includes powerful tools like remote sensor diagnostics, and auto-calibration for multi-sensor suites.

Tangram Vision SDK Supports All Perception Sensors

No Latency Impact

A zero-copy approach ensures that the Tangram Vision SDK won't interfere with latency-sensitive tasks or components

Clear, Complete Documentation

We're developers, too. We know the pain of struggling through bad documentation. We're doing our part to stop the insanity and provide documentation you'll love.

Tangram SDK supports Rust and C++
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Giving Back

We're not just creating the best SDK for adding sensors to vision-enabled devices; we're also building open source tools that the entire robotics and computer vision community can use, whether or not they also choose to use the Tangram Vision SDK.

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DevOps For Perception

The Tangram Vision SDK is free for the first five instances and unlimited users.