Better Perception Tools For Drones

A powerful toolkit that immediately solves complex perception tasks from development through deployment. Multi-sensor calibration, fusion, diagnostics, fleet management, and more.

The Tangram Vision Solution

Multimodal calibration built to scale

Calibration isn't just metrics. When its time to scale, it's also infrastructure, user experience, and auditable data. Tangram Vision's calibration tools make it simple to establish enterprise-grade processes from day one, so you're ready to scale along with your customers.

Tangram Vision SDK Supports All Perception Sensors for Robotic Arms
Minimize maintenance and downtime between missions by ensuring perception sensors are fully functional and optimized for peak performance.

Sensor monitoring and uptime management

Fleets of drones rely on constant, accurate sensor data for safety and performance. Tangram Vision's sensor management tools monitor critical sensor streams for continuity, and attempt interventions when a sensor enters a failure mode.

Sensor data management at scale

The Tangram Vision Platform lets you capture, store, and analyze your sensor's anonymous metadata. Unlock the value hidden in this data for root cause analysis, audit trails, and warranty claims.

Minimize Launch Timelines, Maximize Uptime

Accelerating Perception

The Tangram Vision Platform lets perception teams develop and deploy faster.