Intel® RealSense D435, Streamlined.

Instantly integrate Intel RealSense D435 3D sensors —individually or with other sensors. Optimize them with data pipelines, calibration tools, and diagnostics.

Intel RealSense Sensor

Intel RealSense D435 depth sensors provide incredible 3D data – once you've successfully integrated and optimized them into your product.

You and your team can spend months building your own integration during development, and more time getting your sensors to operate consistently during deployment.

Or you can use Tangram Vision SDK to get plug-and-play sensor integration, and a powerful sensor management toolset including multi-modal calibration and data structures.

Keep reading to learn more, or request early access to the Tangram Vision SDK.

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Tangram SDK supports Rust and C++

One SDK, As Many Sensors As You Like

The Tangram Vision SDK is sensor agnostic; you attach your preferred sensors on one end, and perfect, normalized sensor data exits the other. There's no need to learn the quirks of each sensor's SDKs; all you need now is one well-documented SDK to manage them all.

Intel RealSense D435 Calibration. And much more.

The Tangram Vision SDK includes a suite of mission critical tools that should be a part of any RealSense deployment. Remote diagnostics surface potential failures early. Calibration is managed for the entire sensor array, including RealSense. And constant SDK updates improve performance over time.

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How Tangram Vision Makes RealSense D435 Even Better

PLUg-and-play integration

It doesn't matter which RealSense sensor you choose. The Tangram Vision SDK's RealSense integration API integrates them all instantly, whether used alone or with other sensor modalities.

System-wide multi-modal calibration

Tangram Vision's deployment toolset addresses perception sensor calibration on a system-wide basis for continuous, optimized data. After all, does it matter if one sensor is calibrated if others aren't?

Future-Proof installs

The RealSense line evolves rapidly, with new models introduced regularly. Tangram Vision lets you easily upgrade to new RealSense models or other sensors, without the pain of going through integration and configuration again.

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