Calibration for Production Lines

Integrate, Calibrate & Monitor Perception Sensors
tools to scale

Deploy Sensor-Enabled Products with Production Line Calibration That Scales

We've built all the infrastructure and tools you need to quickly bring up a high throughput calibration station. Now any operator can calibrate any sensor array easily so you can deploy with speed and confidence.

increase throughput

Reduce failed calibrations due to faulty data by 94%

Save months of engineering time

Make rapid pass/fail decisions right on the production line.

Our calibration pipeline delivers clean and concise metrics for every sensor in one run, allowing quick and confident pass/fail decisions for your system deployments. Eliminate complex routines that confuse operators, and know if data captured for a calibration is sufficient before proceeding.

Automatic data pre-filtering & feedback

Reduce calibration processing time by up to 99% for most sensor array suites

Every sensor, one calibration process

Tangram Vision Metrics

Use detailed metrics for quality control and root cause analysis.

Your operators see a pass/fail notification but if you need to dig deeper, you can see every detail of every calibration to help uncover what went wrong. Our tools deliver a comprehensive set of metrics for each calibration including:

Sensor time synchronization

Verification icon

Target field coverage

RMSE values for total array & individual sensor extrinsics

Precision & Accuracy values for full array

Tangential & Radial Errors for cameras & depth sensors

RMSE values for individual sensor intrinsics for cameras & depth sensors

Let's bring up this production line.

Calibration is about more than just sensors.

Proper calibration can be used for root cause analysis to troubleshoot system-level errors and reveal what's wrong.

  • Validate Chassis Tolerances
    Sensor calibration values can reveal when precisision machined tolerances are no longer, well, precise.

  • Double Check Sensor Suppliers
    When intrinsics start to drift from expected values, it's time to talk to your camera and lens suppliers about quality control.

  • Set Ground Truth Values to Track In-field Failures
    A tightly controlled production line calibration process with detailed metrics provides a foundation from which you can track sensor array performance and degradation in the field over time.

Professional Services

Our team has set up production line calibration stations all over the world. We can advise on every aspect of calibration cell design, including: fiducials and fiducial placement, fixturing, operator training, data management, and, of course, calibration software.