Tangram Vision for Engineering Leaders

Engineering Leaders use Tangram Vision to free their teams' time from critical but time-consuming perception infrastructure tasks. That lets them get vision-enabled products to market faster, refocus on key product features, and keep up-to-date with best-in-class tools for superior sensor uptime and performance.

The Four Stages Of Perception Sensor Deployment

Solving Sensors’ Biggest Challenges

The Tangram Vision SDK introduces plug-and-play integration for the most popular perception sensor modalities (depth, LiDAR, CMOS, IMU and more). It includes powerful tools like remote sensor diagnostics, and auto-calibration. And it is designed to handle multi-sensor suites, where sensor complexities can cause product launch delays and in-field issues.

Tangram Vision SDK Supports All Perception Sensors

Reduce Time to Market

On average, sensor integration challenges can add more than a year of unexpected time* to launch timelines for vision-enabled products. Mitigate the risk of a delayed launch with Tangram Visions' ready-to-deploy suite of sensor tools.

*Based on Tangram Vision survey of robotics companies, 2020

Maximize Uptime & Reliability

Perception challenges don't stop after development. Tangram Vision's tools monitor for issues like calibration drift and proactively address them before they lead to failures.

Maximize Uptime & Reliability for 3D Sensors, LiDAR, CMOS, and IMU
Tangram SDK supports Rust and C++

Cutting-Edge Perception Tools

Optimizing sensors is core to what we do at Tangram Vision. Keep your sensor design up-to-date and competitive with constant updates and performance improvements.

DevOps For Perception

The Tangram Vision SDK is free for the first five instances and unlimited users.