making Vision, better

Vision is hard. We make it easier.

Vision-enabled platforms in robotics and automation rely on sensors and computer vision algorithms, but sensors and algorithms are difficult to integrate and maintain. The sensors and algorithms themselves might be impressive pieces of engineering, but the infrastructure to make them all work is left for you to figure out. This can add engineering months to projects that are already strapped for cash and time, and it can also lead to ongoing maintenance burdens and poor performance that adds even more of an engineering burden.

It doesn't have to be this way.

We've set out to make things better. Tangram takes the sensors and vision libraries that you already know and trust, and makes them even better by adding lightweight software layers for simple integration, application development and uptime.

Robots and automation are changing the world for the better. We want to make sure that their positive impacts can be accelerated and amplified.

Tangram Vision is backed by top tier investors, and our team comprises experts in computer vision, perception, robotics and sensors with decades of experience.

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